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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Part 1- Challenged opinions, uncovered mysteries and quantified arguments

"To change the world, we must first change ourself". I'm about to begin a story that started when I was twenty years old. Last year I undertook an exciting challenge, one that had been investigated, interpreted and reported throughout history and referred to by scientists as not valued, it can not be truly verified because it cannot be accurately measured or predicted- Yet it has been investigated and acknowledged since the first documented text by the ancient Summerian civilization, over 6000 years ago. I’m talking, of course, about the connection of the zodiac signs to human genetics.

I’ve never attended any college or university, yet I’m fascinated by the world of science- especially the fields that can not be explained. I’ve spent many years learning about the world and universe we all live in as well as the religions and natural laws that govern it.

I’m not a religious man, but have learned about most of the common modern day religions- They fascinate me. Over the years I’ve familiarized myself with many of life’s beliefs, extracted the common denominators and captured a story much different to the ones you have heard before.

An event last year ultimately changed my life and guided me on a journey that would change the way I think forever. I want you to picture the scene. It’s late October 2009, 8:27pm. As I looked out of the PVC door behind my TV in the relaxed and heated room, it was though I had been hypnotized by the unified droplets of water trickling down the cold outside of the clear glass window. The weather outside transitioned quickly that day compared to most, it was as if my entire world had halted. I was memorized as I visualized the droplets which battered the window outside instantly freezing as they made contact with the smooth surface of the glass, and they induced a trance that I quite often seem fall into.

‘What star sign are you?’… I instantly travelled back to reality which a jump. My eyes slowly focused and targeted my good friend Sophia (Name changed), was carried a serious look on her face and then repeated her question. ‘What star sign are you?’ I looked at her and quickly gathered my thoughts as I concentrated on coming back to reality- ‘Gemini’ I said as I organized my brain and focused on her olive skin, I gazed and again was memorized at the candle light flickering in her eyes as she stared at with a warm smile on her face.

‘Shall I read you your horoscope?’ she said. Star signs have never really interested me; I associated the phrase immediately with the horoscopes released daily in the tabloid press- This, in my eyes, is what gives the subject its main social stigma. ‘OK’ I politely replied and prepared myself to be induced into another trance, one where I would be separated from the subject without causing offence.

She began to talk, reading from a book dedicated to horoscopes. What I heard over the next hour transformed and innovated the way I thought forever. As she talked I became memorized, but this time I was hypnotized by the words cited by her. You see, inside of me there really are two personalities, the first is the front man who the world sees and interacts with; the second is the man who sits at the back of my mind. The second is the one who has all the alteria motives and holds sharpened knowledge- The second can be evil or good, but no person has ever or will ever meet him.

The script she cited to me sent shivers down my spine. It forged a scarily accurate description of both men inside of me, something that I had never told or spoken about in my entire life- yet the second man was described with pinpointed accuracy. The cold wind and rain continued outside and hammered against the window, the once loud sounds of the droplets hitting the smooth surface of the glass door now fell silent.

The warmth of the room and the catalogued rendition of my life captured my attention as I focused closer and closer on the words served to me by her relaxing voice. After an hour of elaborated descriptions of my personality she then went on to tell me the luckiest cities and countries for my star sign to be born in, she also cited the industries I would be most accomplished. I already had a sense of total disbelief before she read me the last section of the script- Wales, Cardiff and the industry I would be best at would be communications or the internet.

The old life drained out of me fast and I could feel myself turning white. Everything she read to me was totally true and not broad like most horoscopes tend to be- But how did it know so much about me and how could it possibly be correct??

This was to be the day the last phase in my lifelong journey began- The journey and discovery of life itself. Over the coming future I will be publishing the knowledge I have amassed over the years, that has inspired and innovated the way my brain works and how I look at the world and universe we live in. My journey has taken me on a quest to answer or try to explain some of life’s greatest unanswered questions. Maybe it isn’t our lives that have already been written; maybe it is we that have already been written.

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  1. I have to say, and I mean no disrespect, but I don't think that horoscopes or zodiac signs tell anything at all about someone's personality, or how well-suited they might be for an industry. Check out this video:

  2. Hey Sapien,

    No disrespect taken at all, this is what I want - Objections.

    This is part of a journey to the truth, this is not 'The Truth'. We're going to sort out the misdirections so that we are left with the facts to base the final story on.

    Good video, thanks for the suggestion and keep up the good work!