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Monday, 20 April 2009

Part 3- Challenged opinions, uncovered mysteries and quantified arguments

In this next instalment of my story I will be covering what resulted from the experiment and what I had previously hypothesised as an explanation for this phenomenon.

As I carried out the experiment I forecasted that the results would turn out to be an average scoring which hovered around the 50% mark… How wrong I turned out to be!!

Here are some of the test case scores I received from the subjects:

‘An interesting report with many factual verdicts on personal traits. Some things I may have experienced at some stage of my life. Overall I recommend taking the test as it may offer personal insight and if accurate a humorous account of how we have lived, and how we are living. I will say i gave the final score some consideration and found the test an enjoyable experience. 8/10’

‘Pretty accurate - aside from a few areas, I see a lot of myself in the description. I think the reason for the discrepancies is that it is so long that it would be impossible for everything to line up! I'd give it an 8/10.’

‘I think I’d give it a 9/10 ...most of it was really accurate just one or two things that weren't, but only probably because I couldn't understand the meaning of it!
I was very impressed on the whole though :)’

‘Really interesting and very accurate...I would give it 90% mate, the sport and exercise threw me a bit lol. And gentle and softly spoken bit, apart from that it was spot on!!!!’

‘Wow! This was spooky! 9/10’

‘9 out of 10, was amazingly accurate’

The reports seemed to be generating a response of well over 80% accuracy, much higher than I had previously forecasted! But my theory had one explanation as to why the report could be totally wrong for someone- yet no one had reported a drastically low score… And then I received this:

'The 1st 2 sentences are reasonable but after that it gets ridiculous. Some parts are the opposite of me (I have a lot of internal chaos, the report seems to think I'm organised), some contradict each other (chatty/shy) & some are just too generic. An honest assessment of its accuracy would be -5(or 0 if I'm limited to natural numbers). Still, I had fun reading it :)'

This was the answer I had been waiting for! Even though I had wanted to hear positive results, I needed an extremely low test score to be able to action phase two of the experiment. I sent the test subject a private message after reading her response saying:

‘Cheers for the response!

This is a fair experiment so your rating will remain and taken as 0 (Zero) to be factored into the calculation. You can track these figures weekly in the 'Recent News' section of the group.

You fall into the second part of our experiment. Here's what we're doing and how you can further contribute to the result of this experiment.

We're studying a theory on the genomes that are switched on during the 9 month time period preceding a date of birth and radiation causing certain genes to remain switched on longer than others, causing the traits to be encoded into our DNA during our conception.

Because you scored low could we ask you how long was your mother was pregnant for when carrying you, this is so we can get a comparison time scale to go with your score. We ask this to see if the lower scores possibly results due to either premature/overdue pregnancy or an unnatural conception, leaving certain genes switched on too short or too long, causing certain traits and behaviours to dominate over others.

Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated and your personal information will not be published in a public forum.’

To protect the identity of the test subject I have called her Miss X. I eagerly anticipated her response as it could be the pinnacle of proving that the theory could hold some weight. After twenty four long hours I finally received a response…

‘Ok, I was born 2 weeks early (not enough to be considered abnormal, usually). But I was also a test-tube baby, is that interesting? Also, are you going to ask people with high scores? Because if someone got 10, but was premature/overdue that may also be interesting for you (even if it goes against your theory)’

This was exactly what I wanted to hear!! This was now starting to become VERY INTERESTING! I replied ‘We're asking every person who scored 30% either side of the average the same question. We do find this very interesting. Thanks for the response Miss X, much appreciated!’

After also putting the question to several other test subjects I found something that seemed very interesting indeed- a pattern but not precise. Join me next time to find out what the pattern was, the final overall test results and the full theory behind the experiment in the next instalment of this journey of discovery.

Part 4 of the story will be published in the near future. I will now be publishing material I discovered during this time frame and some opinions on these topics

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