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Monday, 27 April 2009

Facebook "Twitt"er - The Beautiful Miss Lippy Liv Liv

I've Been Expecting You!

I started a group on Facebook, a short while ago, to start promoting my new book- it's also the same reason I started this very blog. I've been patiently waiting for a comment from an observant mind to ‘point something out to me’ so I could set the record straight.

I’ve waited a fair time now- and then came Monday 27th of April 2009- in walks Miss "Lippy Liv Liv". I was browsing through the social network Facebook when I noticed that two comments had been left on the wall of my group titled – ‘The Truth – Dare You Question What You Believe?’

I clicked on the icon of the group and franticly scrolled down the page, to the wall of the group and... Jackpot! We have a winner

This beautiful young lass, named Miss "Lippy Liv Liv", had left her comment pointing out some information that she seems to believe we don’t already know. Here is her comment:

Lippy Liv Liv: (Wales) wrote
at 14:32

“no offence mate, but all the stuff thats on this group... u were not the first person to "discover it" zeitgeist has been around for a long time, as well as all the stuff on ur blog spot... i cant remember who stated all that info first but it has been around a long as time.. it jus so happens that the people in ur village didnt have a clue, so sadly ur not a special and ur not the only 1 lol”

I could not have hoped for a better answer! I was waiting for this moment to publish a public statement of what I and this blog were all about... Here was my reply:

“Very good observation Lippy, well done 'mate'! The content, that is sourced, was not found or created by me first- although I don't claim Zeitgeist is 'The Truth', to be a 'special No 1' or to have 'Discovered it first'. The movie raises interesting questions and is not totally truthful in its self. My next post will be an objective view of this movie- there are inconsistencies and objections of some of the facts that Fredrick Peter Johnson - the creator of Zeitgeist, talks about; in fact he's known as a bit of 'a freak' by some of the online communities.

However it does raise many truths, but obviously not the whole truth. The point of this blog is not to 'be the first to discover' anything, create a new religion/cult or to give rise to a messiah- this is not new intelligence or even a case of 'Spiritual enlightenment'- it's about examining the facts and widely circulating the truths from the lies.”

Lippy, we know this information has been around for a while, to point that out is a pointless waste of time. I'm asking you to debate the subjects. You seem to have immense knowledge on this subject considering you "cant remember who stated all that info first but it has been around a long as(Think she means Ass here) time.. ", may I ask you and others to share it here so we can all debate it.

(I decided to dedicate the next post to her, instead)

Click here to Join the Facebook group and Invite Your Friends to view the facts


So my friends, here it is - a public statement:

- I am not looking to insert a new religion

- I am not looking to start a 'Cult'

- I'm not looking to be 'Worshipped'

- I am not looking to ‘Scare’ anyone

- I am not looking to indefinably ‘Turn’ you from your religion

- I am looking to establish the truth from the lies- your faith or dispelling it is not my concern

- I believe in the benefits of religion on the human life- it’s scientifically proven to

- I am not writing this thinking that I’m any kind of ‘Messiah’ or ‘Profit’

- Religion fascinates me – My goal is not to dispel it

- This blog in not a ‘Gospel’ – Some material may have inconsistencies in them, I’m first to admit it

- I’m not telling anyone they ‘Must’ believe me

- I am not a 'Religious Messenger'

- I am no ‘All Knowing’ or ‘All Powerful’ – I’m an average person with no ‘Great Powers’ what so ever

- I’m not publishing the blog or book for financial gain- Every single penny of the proceeds are being donated to charitable causes

- I am looking to publish facts and arguments and encourage you all to go out and look for some answers yourself- rather than being told what the facts ARE from one source

After you’ve read the facts and arguments I post, then decide if you can bear to remain faithful to a faith that has so many inconsistencies. Read them first and then come to your own objections for and against- then use Google to look up further facts- Get the Bigger Picture.

Akin (",)

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