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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Is The Bible Misinterpreted or The Truth? Do You Trust in Your Faith?

Is the story of your religious scriptures really the true story?
Are you 100% positive that your faith is truly based on the truth?
If the answer to the above two questions is Yes, read on only at your own ‘risk’...

I want to ask you one question that you can only answer AFTER you have seen the Zeitgeist story (My last blog post).My question would be- Can you please answer the same two questions above and elaborate on those answers? I’m looking to analyze your personal responses, not to ‘turn’ or ‘test anyone’s faith’.

I truly believe in the benefits of religion on the human life. It is, however, essential that I gain the answers in your own words and not of any religious scripture. I mean absolutely no offense when I say this, but my slight problem with answers from the Bible is that it is a misinterpreted book of astrological reference.

I want you to ask yourself- Have I ever seen the movie Zeitgeist? If you truly have faith and have not seen the facts inside the feature, I'd suggest you put Two Hours aside to watch it and find out the truth concerning Jesus, the story of his conception and the Bible- before answering the question.

Through my study the problem I find is that many religious people refuse to watch it, dismiss it as blasphemy or dismiss it completely after five minutes of watching, because it does not agree with what has been taught, do not like what they see/hear or begin to question what they actually have faith in. Consider reality (The now) from an outside perspective, no faith for two hours and listen to the story of the movie- One or two similarities maybe, but honestly this many?

My question to the above types of persons usually is- Consider for one moment that your faith tells you that what you believe in really is the truth- because it is; then why do you possess such a highly emotional, defensive response to objective facts? If your faith really is the truth and the story of the Bible is ‘the gospel’ (Note the interesting emotionally engaged choice of words used to tag the Bible’s books, both Hypnotic and Suggestive), there should be no reason that any fact that says otherwise should trigger any such strong emotional responses- because you know that what you have faith in really is the truth, no such defensive response should be triggered.

If this is not the case with you personally, could I ask that you watch the full movie (If you dare) with no emotional attachments what so ever. As soon as you attach your emotions to a situation your brain gets distracted and its logic centre is short circuited- it's a required condition of hypnosis. You must remove all preconceptions before you watch the film, look at it as a blank page with no emotional attachment, unbiased and relay the facts in your mind's eye as a story. Fear is also an emotion you need to control when watching- make sure you’re relaxed before you watch the movie, try to have no emotional thought or make any logical decisions on what you’ve seen or heard until you have finished watching the entire film- all the facts.

My studies into religions and the Bible has spanned many years and I have discovered that the story is one of the greatest, most consistent story's told throughout our history- it's exactly the same story originating from the Sun God of Egypt – Horus - in 3000 BC; then repeated many times throughout history, in different religions exactly the same.

Jesus or “The Christ” is not a name, in fact it’s a title- it means one who is “Anointed” or "The Anointed One".
Satan is Not a name- in fact it means "Oppose" or one who "Opposes" (Again, an interesting coice of words used).

Here’s an article extract from the website

BIBLE STORIES ARE RECYCLED MYTH Brian De Kretser (Investigator 73, 2000 July)

The story of Horus, a major Egyptian God, is told in the �Book of Vivifying the Soul Forever� over 3,000 years before the birth of Christ.

The Jesus story in the Bible is a recycled version of the Horus story. The comparisons given below prove without a doubt that the whole Bible is full of myths and stories recycled from earlier times and made to fit the various characters of the Bible.


1 Horus is the Father seen in the son.. Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life.
2 Horus claims to be the light of the world represented by the symbolic eye, the sign of salvation. Jesus stated that he is the light of the world.
3 Horus said that he was the way, the truth, the life. Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life.
4 Horus was the plant, the shoot. Jesus says "I am the true vine."
5 Horus says �It is I who traverse the heavens, I go round the Elysian Fields. Eternity has been assigned to me without end, Lo! I am heir to endless time and my attribute is eternity. Jesus says �I am come down from heaven, for this is the will of the Father, that everyone who beholdeth the Son and believeth in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.
6 Horus�I open the Tuat that I may drive away the darkness. Jesus says I am come a light unto the world.
7 Horus says �I am equipped with thy words O Ra [Father in Heaven] and repeat them to those who are deprived of breath.� These were the words of the Father in heaven. Jesus says �The Father which sent me, he hath given me a command-ment, what I should say and what I should speak. Whatsoever I speak therefore even as the Father said unto me, so I speak. The word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father�s which sent me."
8 Horus baptized with water by Anup. Jesus baptized with water by John the Baptist.
9 Horus�Aan, the name of the divine scribe. Jesus�John the divine scribe.
10 Horus born in Annu, the place of bread. Jesus Born in Bethlehem, the house of bread.
11 Horus The good shepherd with the crook on his shoulders. Jesus The good shepherd with a lamb on his shoulders.
12 Horus Seven on board the boat with him. Jesus Seven fishermen on board the boat with Jesus.
13 Horus Depicted as the Lamb Jesus depicted as the lamb.
14 Horus as the Lion. Jesus as the lion.
15 Horus identified with the Tat or cross. Jesus identified with the cross.
16 Horus of 12 years. Jesus of 12 years.
17 Horus A man of 30 years. Jesus a man of 30 years at his baptism.
18 Horus the KRST. Jesus the Christ.
19 Horus the manifesting son of God. Jesus the manifesting son of God.
20 Horus The trinity�Atum the Father, Horus the son, Ra the Holy Spirit. Jesus�God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit.
21 Horus The first Horus as a child of the virgin, the second as son of Ra. Jesus as a child of the virgin, Christ as the son of the Father in heaven.
22 Horus�Horus the sender and Set the destroyer in the harvest field. Jesus�Jesus the sender or the good seed, Satan the sender of tares.
23 Horus carried off by Set to the summit of Mount Hetep. Jesus carried by Satan to an exceedingly high mountain.
24 Horus and Set contending on the Mount. Jesus and Satan contending on the Mount.
25 Horus�The star was the announcer of the child Horus. Jesus�The Star in the East indicated the birth-place of Jesus.
26 Horus�the avenger. Jesus who brings the sword.
27 Horus�as Iu-em-hetep comes with peace. Jesus�the bringer of peace.
28 Horus�the afflicted one. Jesus�the afflicted one.
29 Horus�as the type of life eternal. 30 Jesus�as the type of life eternal.
30 Horus as Iu-em-hetep the child teacher in the temple. Jesus as the child teacher in the temple.
31 Horus The mummy bandage was woven without seam. Jesus The vesture of the Christ was without seam.
32 Horus As Har-Khutti has twelve followers. 32 Jesus has twelve disciples.
33 Horus The revelation written down by divine scribe Aan (Tehuti). Jesus the Revelation written down by John the Divine.
34 Horus�Aani bears witness to the word of Ra. Jesus�John bears witness to the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ.
35 Horus The secret mysteries revealed by That-Aan. Jesus The secret mysteries made known by John.
36 Horus The morning star. Jesus The morning star.
37 Horus Who gives the morning star to his followers. Jesus who gives the morning star to his followers.
38 Horus The name of Ra on the head of the deceased. Jesus The name of the father written on the forehead.
39 Horus The paradise of the Pole star�Am-Khemen. Jesus The Holy City lighted by one luminary that is neither the sun nor the moon.
40 Horus Har-Seshu or servants of Horus. Jesus The servants of Jesus Christ.

Click here to read the rest of the article

I'm not trying to insult or hurt by asking you to watch this, quite the opposite. I truly believe in the benefits of religion on the human mind, body and soul, but I must inform people of the facts- the more they learn, the easier it is to see through the lies. I have shown so many people the truth and set them free- without hindering the basis of their faith- I can enhance it and show you how it works on a neurological, non religious level.

God and the Devil have been majorly misinterpreted through religion. They do exist, you see them every day and night- just not in the way you currently know. I'm taking on new test cases, I will show you the whole truth and just how powerful human beings really are. I’ll be more than happy if you try it out, if you let me. Remember if you truly have faith that the Bible is the full truth, you have nothing to lose by learning the facts.

The big question now - Are you ready to learn the truth?

Leave your comments and your views on what you read/see. I’m interested in attaining and analyzing your own personal responses and remember- it’s at your own ‘risk’!


If you’re religious and are feeling scared by what you have read- Don’t be; not everything in the Zeitgeist movie is exactly true. In a coming article I will go through the evidence that has been presented in the feature and try to find as many inaccuracies as I can, in an article.

I’m not telling you that Zeitgeist is The Gospel- its not- There are many holes in its story.

The purpose of this is to establish what the facts are after we’ve subjected the movie to an objective view. Once we have the facts left we will have a good footing in finding the truth behind the greatest story ever told- The Bible.

Until the next instalment, why not use Google to research the ‘facts’ documented in the movie and start finding the holes for yourself.

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