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Friday, 1 May 2009

Part IV - 'The Truth' Vs Choice

The Spring Equinox

At the spring equinox the Sun officially overpowers the evil darkness, as daytime thereafter becomes longer in duration than the night and the revitalising conditions of spring emerge.

The March equinoxes occurred on March 20 in 2009, marking the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and fall (autumn) in the southern hemisphere from an astronomical viewpoint. The March equinox will occur at 11:44 (am) at Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on this date.

The Last Supper

This famous image depicts God’s son in the centre and his twelve disciples. This is a classic anthropormorphized representation of the Sun followed by the twelve houses of the Zodiac.

In fact – 12 is repeated throughout the Bible:

12 Tribes of Israel
12 Sons of Jacob
12 Judges of Israel
12 Great Patriarchs

12 O.T. Prophets
12 Kings of Israel

12 Princes of Israel...

(You get the picture)!

Back to The Zodiac

The pagan symbol used as a point of worship is depicted as a cross:

This is why Jesus and other saints are depicted in front of the cross in many depictions throughout time. The sign of the Zodiac, the sign of God’s son. The halo around his head is a depiction of the Sun

Crown of Thorns = The Sun’s Rays

The bible also makes many references to an ‘Age’ or ‘Ages’. The ancients knew that approximately every 2150 years, the Sun raises in a different sign of the constellation in the spring equinox. This is due to the earth tilting on its axis.

For a complete cycle through the precision of the equinox takes approximately 25,765 years of ‘The Great Year’. It’s called the precision of the equinox because the Earth proceeds backwards through the constellations.

The Ages

Taurus (The Bull) – 4300 BC – 2150 BC
Aries (The Ram) – 2150 BC – 1 AD
Pisces (Two Fish) – 1 AD – 2150 AD
Aquarius (Water Bearer) – 2150 AD – 4300 AD

Symbolically and broadly speaking, the Bible talks about time through three ages whilst foreshadowing a fourth.

In the Old Testament Moses returns from mount cyanide with the Ten Commandments, and is upset to find his people worshiping a golden bull calf. In fact he shattered the stone tablets and instructed his people to kill each other in order to purify themselves (Even though the tablet clearly stated 'Though shall not kill') Exodus 32.

Most scholars attribute this action towards the Israelites worshipping a false idol. The reality is the golden bull is Taurus the bull through the age 4300 BC – 2150 BC.

Moses represents the new age of Aries – The Ram. This is also why Jews, even today, still blow the ram’s horn. Upon the new age – Everyone must shed the old age.

The bull symbolized is also no new concept. Mithra, the pre Christian God, kills a bull in the exact same mythology.

Jesus is the figure that follows the age of Aries – The age of Pisces or the two fish = 1 AD – 2150 AD. Fish symbolism is very abundant in the New Testament.

I’d also like to point out that the meaning of the word ‘Testament’ is defined as follows: A profession of belief and strong evidence for something. There is no strong evidence, in existence, to base belief that the story of The Bible is true.

The word Testament is again a suggestively cognitive statement, intended on telling your subconscious mind that ‘This is true” - Not that it must be true- Hypnotic subliminal messages.

Jesus feeds 5000 people with five loafs of bread and 2 FISH
Matt 14:17

When Jesus began his ministry, he befriends TWO FISHermen who follow him

We’ve all seen this symbol:

How About These?


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