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Friday, 1 May 2009

Part V - 'The Truth' Vs Choice

The fish is a pagan, astrological symbolism of the Sun’s kingdom during the Age of Pisces.

Jesus’ Birthday is essentially the start of this age.

When asked by his disciples where the ‘Last Passover’ would be, Jesus replies:

"Just after you go into the city, a man carrying a jug of water will meet you. Follow him into the house (Of the Zodiac) he enters
Luke 22:10

The man bearing a pitcher of water is the constellation Aquarius – The Water Bearer

He represents the new Age of Aquarius, when the Sun- God’s Sun- enters the next house of the precision of the Equinox.

All Jesus is saying is- After the Age of Pisces will come the Age of Aquarius

The End of the World

The main idea of the end of the World comes from Matt 28:20, where Jesus says:

I will be with you even to the end of the World

However, in the King James version, 'World' is just one among many mistranslation. The actual word being used is AEON- which means “Age

This is true!

Jesus’ solar personification ends when the Sun enters the new Age of Aquarius. The entire concept of the ‘End of the World’ is a misinterpreted astrological reference of the precision of the Equinox.

Yet 100 Million Americans believe that the end of the World is coming, through Biblical suggestion!

Jesus is a plagiarization of the pre Christian Sun God of Egypt- Horus (Zeitgeist’s words, not mine)

The exact same birth sequence as Jesus is depicted in Hieroglyphs, 15 centuries before Christianity- the Temple of Luxor, Egypt- 3500BC

The literal similarities between the Egyptian and Christian religion are Staggering! The plagiarism is continuous throughout the Bible.

Here’s an example- Noah and his Ark-Taken directly from tradition. There are over 200 different claims to the same story throughout history , throughout time.

We need look no further than the Epic of Gilgamesh – 2600 BC:

Global flood
Caused by man’s sin

Intended for all mankind

Sent by God(s)

Ordered to build a boat
One door on boat
At least one window
Outside coating is pitch

Human passengers were family members
All kinds of land animals
Means of flood was heavy rain
Release of Two Doves to find land
Ark landing spot was mountains
Sacrifice after flood
Blessed after flood

Now let’s look at Moses’ birth sequence:

Placed in a basket
Set adrift in river

To avoid infanticide
Rescued and raised by royalty

This is lifted directly from Sargon’s birth, Greece 2250 BC

The Ten Commandments are also not new in the long line of people who’ve received commandments on stone tablets, given to them on a mountain:

Manous of India
Minos of Crete
Mises of Egypt...

Manous, Minos, Mises, Moses... All starting to sound a bit too similiar?


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